hyperlinking between slides?

Jul 24, 2012


I'm not sure if it's possible to hyperlink between slides e.g. within a 'course' so linking from presenter slide to engage or  presenter to presenter. I read an old post about a 'hack' but I wanted to know if it's now a feature supported in Articulate?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Susan

To create a link to another slide in Articulate Presenter, create the link in PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter will respect the specified link. 

For example, to link from one slide to the next slide, do the following: 

1) Select or highlight the object or text in PowerPoint that will be the link. 
2) Press control-K to open the Insert Hyperlink window. 
3) Select the option to Link to "Place in This Document." 
4) Select "Next Slide." 
5) Click OK and publish. 

You can review what hyperlinks are supported in Presenter '09 here: 

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