Hyperlinks from PPT not displaying when published for iPad

Jan 16, 2015

Has anyone else experienced a problem with slides containing hyperlinks showing up blank when viewed with the mobile App on an iPad? The hyperlinks are inserted with PPT - not in the resource section of Articulate. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - Thank You!!!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Natalie!

Not sure if your issue is related to this issue. 

You may find that a hyperlink doesn't work in this scenario:
1)  Initially, the hyperlink is covered or hidden by another object on the slide.
2)  Then, the object covering the hyperlink disappears via an exit animation to reveal the hyperlink.
This is a known issue. See this article for more information and a solution.
David Markwell

I am having problem of hyperlinks not showing up (not text shown) when a presentation done in PPT is published using Studio '13 onto via Articulate Online. Links show and work ok on Windows or Mac browsers but none of the text shows and no links work in the i-Pad.

This does not seem to be related to objects being hidden or anything like that as it is a just a text PPT slide with text hyperlinks and no animations.  A bit embarrassing as we have hundreds of students lined up to start accessing the material.

David Markwell

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your response. We have a several presentations that have pages like the last one in this presentation which looks really straightforward but all the ones I have tested have the issue shown in the attached screenshots. Blank body text on i-Pad but fine in Chrome (etc).  Also in this presentation there are some other earlier links which are in separate shapes but again the text containing the hyperlink does not render on the i-Pad.

I have not tried Natalie's approach because it would be fine for a one off but not really good for repeated use and many links.  I found that link pages like this on i-Pad worked fine in the past and the only change I am aware of at this end was upgrading to the latest release of Studio.

The Package is attached as requested.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing David. I was not able to re-create the issue that you are reporting and the published content looks as expected on my iPad.


I do of course have the latest version of the software though, so perhaps you should as well.

David Markwell

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for testing this. I am using the latest version of Presenter '13 - that is 5: 1412.920 and checking for updates says there are none available so that does not seem to be the issue.

The view you are showing on the shared link is the HTML5 file. When I run this on my i-Pad it stays in the web-browser rather than loading the Mobile Player App. So this is not the view people get when they access our versions of the publication from Articulate Online as it  invokes the App. Is there a way you can test that AMP version?

All the symptoms suggest to me this is an issue with the Articulate Mobile Player or with the files as published for the AMP. So I have guessed the solution ... which is not publish for the App and tell our students to view in the browser on the i-Pad as it seems the HTML5 files should work. I have tried this for one presentation and it works so will repeat for others. However, it would be great if it could be fixed so it also works on the Mobile Player.




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