Hyperlinks work in PPT but not Articulate

Mar 29, 2011

I have a slide with multiple hyperlinks on it.  The hyperlinks all work in Powerpoint, but when I preview it in Articulate, the links either fail to work altogether or link me to the wrong page.  The 'hand' icon (that denotes a hyperlink on PPT) still comes up when I mouse over the hyperlinked object in the Articulate preview.  How can I get them to work in Articulate?

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Eric Bybee

I may be missing something very easy, but I have reviewed the PPT hyperlink support article.  I created a quick test PPT with two links to two different slides in my PPT that are not hidden.  I used Slide Title to link them which according to the support document  is a supported method.  The links work fine with viewed within PPT, but after publishing them, I have nothing.  No links.  I am sure I am missing something simple, perhaps someone could suggest something.


Phil Mayor

Hi Eric

I you you a shape with no fill and no stroke, to do your hyperlinks sometimes articulate does not translate them to the the published file, I  find it best to give the shape a colour and set it to 100% transparency

If you are linking via text, there is no reasom why this shouldnt work.  Are you typing the slide title or just linking via the popup box (e.g. place in this document then choose the slide)? 

Can you post the ppt file?


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