I'm installing Presenter 09 software and I'm stuck!

Mar 12, 2012

I'm just about there.

I'm using a Mac. I've installed Parallels and Presenter 09, but for some reason I'm unable to open PPt with the Articulate button...

I'm in a time crunch to start this project - any help is much appreciated!!


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Kyle Shelley

I haven't even got that far! Hello! I've heard a ton about Articulate, downloaded the 30-day trail, and am excited to check it out. The problem, which I have just found out is that I need Windows. I currently have Office for Mac, but I'm not sure if that constitutes the "Windows" programs I need to use Articulate. Since, I've downloaded a free trial of Microsoft Office 08', along with Parallels 7,  but I'm stuck on where to go from here. Whenever I try to open up the Articulate files there's just a bunch of code in a text box.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Peter Anderson

Hey Kyle, welcome to Heroes!

Which Articulate trial have you downloaded? To run Articulate software, you'll need to be working in a Windows environment, meaning you'll need to install a version of Microsoft Windows within Parallels. You can find the system requirements for Storyline here, and the system requirements for Studio '09 here. You can also check out this article for more information about using Articulate with Parallels. And although Articulate content cannot be authored natively in a Mac environment, learners can view the published output on a Mac.

I personally use Parallels to author both Storyline and Studio content, and it works great. I know a lot of our staff and community members do too, so if you need any more assistance getting going, you're definitely in the right place

Welcome again, Kyle, and don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have any more questions. 

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