I want my movie to fade out. Possible?

Dec 22, 2010

Hi everyone! I've added a SWF to my slide, and it looks great. But after the movie's done playing, I want it to fade out to the plain white slide background again, so that I can use that space on my slide to display other things (content like text boxes and such). But for the life of me I can't seem to get the movie to fade out. Like, I've tried selecting the placeholder and  using the fade animation options but that doesn't work. And I also tried fading in a white box overtop of my movie, but that doesn't work either. Can this be done? Does anyone know how?

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Cindy Hollister

Thanks for replying, Sam. The movie was made in Flash by a developer. But even if I ask her to use Flash to fade out the video to white at the end, I still don't have a way to actually fade the video itself off of my slide - right? So I really can't display other things in place of the video on my slide when the movie's done playing?

Bob Lander

Here's what you can do to make it look like the video is no longer on the slide after it fades ... right after the slide that contains the video, you can create a copy of the slide (without the video on it of course) and use that to display whatever other content you want. Just have the first slide (the one with the video on it) auto-advance when the movie's done. You can do that when you insert the video - there will be a window with the option Advance To Next Slide, and you just need to set that to "Automatically." To the user it'll feel like they're still on the same slide, even though there are actually 2 slides.

Bob Lander

Oh and I forgot to mention one more thing. If you REALLY want it to feel like a single slide rather than two, then you will also want to change the Slide Properties for your duplicate slide, so that it's hidden in the navigation sidebar. Go to Slide Properties, right-click on the duplicate slide's thumbnail, and choose Hide In Navigation Panel. 

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