Slide doesn't advance after SWF video

May 24, 2011

I am inserting a series of SWF videos into a series of slides, and would like each slide to advance automatically to the next slide when the SWF video is done. However, it's not working. It appears to reach the very end of the scroll bar below, but then doesn't advance to the next slide.

On the "Insert Flash Movie" screen, I am selecting:

Display in Slide

Advance to the next slide automatically when movie finishes

Synchronization - synchronize slide and movie

I have also tried: inserting 14 seconds of silent audio through audio editor (the SWF video is 19 seconds) and selecting Movie plays independently of slide.

Any thooughts? I've tried searching the forums, but haven't found the exact same problem yet.


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Amy Doherty

Thanks for responding so quickly. It looks as though that was already selected, but I will play around with it.

I also have our tech guy trying to cut off the end of the SWF videos, or do something different to it (not sure exactly what - I'm not very techy!) so that it might allow it to advance at the end.

Thanks again. By the way, I like your Muppets picture.

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