IE 8 Settings - Causing Blank Screens in Presenter?

Good morning, all -

We launched content recently that was created in Presenter 2009. The majority of our users have experienced no problems using the content through our LMS (Pathlore 6.7), but some users have reported seeing blank white screens when they launch the content. We know it's not the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment, since we've tested successfully with that version. I suspect that it's a setting in Internet Explorer, but I'm not sure what it could be.

Has anyone successfully resolved this issue?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Scott and welcome to Heroes! You may want to ask them to try this:

You may also want to ask them to try upgrading their Flash Player:

Did you check to see if they have the latest version of Java installed and not an older version?

Scott Lindsey

I confirmed that he's on IE8. He reset his security settings in Internet Explorer, and he still had the white screen issue. We've had another learner notify us of the same problem, and we're exploring various things to try and resolve it (i.e. - trying another Internet browser).

For an immediate fix, we've had to refer these learners (fortunately they are here with us on-campus) to another computer.



Chris Wilkinson

I see this thread goes back to June and would love to know if there was a resolution.

I have a client using our Articulates and in IE 8 they get a blank screen upon launching.

Are there recommended security settings in IE 8 that I can communicate to them?

Or is this more likely a Java Runtime issue?