IE9 Flash 10,3,181,26 not tracking in LMS unless in Compatibility

Jun 16, 2011

I'm having an issue with course tracking (and other communication between the LMS and Articulate).  It only appears to be an issue with IE9, and has only recently become a problem for many of our users.  Everything works perfectly fine if the browser is in compatibility mode, however if compatibility mode is unchecked I get the following problems:

  • Exit button in the flash component no longer works
  • Our Debug console, and Articulate's debug console show no activity after the initial launch (cmi.suspend_data gets updated after each slide with compatibility mode on).
  • As a result course tracking doesn't work.  The student is returned back to the first slide (or if previously taken in another browser (IE8 or IE9 with compatibility mode, they are able to resume from there). 

It's alarming that the flash components like the exit button within the course don't work.  I actually get a similar behavior with the exit button when I run it locally without the LMS.

Additionally,  I'm getting the following script error:

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'SetVariable'

flashcommand.js, line 658 character 2

In this function:

function NotifySwfResize()


var swfMovie = thisMovie('player');

swfMovie.SetVariable("g_Resize.Trigger", "1");


I do not get this error in compatibility mode.

Any ideas?

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