Imported clip art has a border when published in HTML5

Oct 29, 2013

I've noticed that when I have imported clip art into the presentation and publish under HTML5 in Presenter '13 that a white border appears around the imported image.  That doesn't exist in the Flash version.  This looks very unprofessional.  Is there any way to avoid getting the white border?  See attached image.  Notice the imported image of the sun as a white border.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott,

There is similar discussion happening in this thread, and you'll see that Russ has shared some additional information on what is happening with his files. 

Additionally, Greg had submitted a Support case, and our team proposed the following work around:

As for the white boxes around transparent images, I was able to workaround

it as follows: Right-click the current image and save it again as an image
(Save as Picture) . Replace the current image with the new one. Save
presentation then republish.

Russell Still

Hi, Scott. Yes, the clipart does that. What version of PP are you using? And if the original PP was created in an old version, are you saving it as the newer version?

Using PP to delete backgrounds (via "Set Transparent Color) also seems to be problematic in HTML5. If any of those are getting you you'll need to convert them into .pngs with the backgrounds already removed.

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