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Aug 08, 2013

I would like to insert an MP4 “movie” into my presentation and allow the student the option of playing or not-playing the movie. Remember, student’s choice.

The MP4 file is a narrated screencast as created via SCREENR and contains a brief tutorial that some students may need to view and other students already know how to accomplish the subject of the tutorial.

Is there any means to accomplish this via Presenter ?

Is Quizmaker or Engage an option ?

Thank you in advance … Bill

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Minh-Triet Nguyen

Hi Bill,

You can use the Insert Flash Movie function in the Articulate Ribbon to add the MP4 movie to the slide.  When adding it, you would want to select the "Synchronize slide and movie" option so that students can pause it, un-pause it, and seek through it using Presenter's controls.  

If you want to give them a choice beforehand, I would actually create a separate slide where they make the choice to view it.  If they click "Yes," hyperlink to the movie slide .  If they click "No," hyperlink to the next logical slide.  Also, you can hide the movie slide in the course's navigation under Slide properties so it doesn't appear as two slides.

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