Insert Presenter as an object into a PowerPoint slide?

Here it is ... someone asked me to create a nice little multi-media piece for them that they want to play at the beginning and maybe another slice at the end of a presentation.  They will be using a powerpoint and I am trying to figure out if there is any way that I can save or host my Articulate to be able to insert it as a web object or movie, etc.  into their presentation - so they don't have an additional file to launch. 

It's so much easier to create this with Articulate (than trying to use just powerpoint) that I hope I can figure out a way to do it.   Anyone have a suggestion?  I feel like there is something simple I am overlooking ... too much screen staring and brain wracking today :(

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Magna Rautenbach

Hi Darlesa

The only way that I could configure to launch a Presenter show from within PP is to publish it for the web, save it to a folder on your PC and then hyperlink an image or other object on your slide to the 'player' file within your published show (or for that matter to any location on the web where you host your show file. The only problem is that it will then open in your web browser (Internet Explorer) and you will close it once done to continue with your PP Presentation.



Bruce Holliday

Hello Darlesa,

What an interesting problem. I was so intrigued that I did a few tests.

First of all I located the swf files that run within the player.html. There is only one called playershell.swf it acts as the container for everything it seems.

I created a flash movie with code to run an external swf which was pointed at the Presenter playershell.swf  e.g. myLoadermc.loadMovie("player/slidegroup.swf"); with the idea of using that as a shockwave flash in PPT.

That didnt work, however, I did manage to get it to work by simply putting my ppt file within the player folder and importing playershell.swf as a shockwave object from there.

Hope that helps,


Darlesa Cahoon

Thanks for your suggestions! 

I also realized if I can convince her to give me her ppt content and put it all into my Articulate file, I could put hyperlinks to and from each page and hide the player and it might be acceptable to her (she probably wouldn't even know the difference).  I'm not as fancy as Bruce - that might be more for me to figure out than I have time :(   It is nice to know thought that is what it would take.