Inserted video - seekbar not working properly in chrome

Jun 30, 2021

I have a video inserted into a course. If a user clicks on (or moves) the video seek-bar the video just jumps back to the beginning of the video. This is a problem as it is a longish video so we would like them to be able to play the video from different spots.

It seems to work in some web-browsers and not others. 

Please assist?



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Ren Gomez

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for reaching out! To confirm, did you enable the video controls in Presenter, and scrubbing the controls under the video is causing it to restart?

As a quick check, I recommend publishing and hosting the course in its intended environment while testing. You may also want to review the supported browsers for Studio 360.

If everything looks good there, please share your file with our support team to provide additional help!

Andrea Calleia

Ren, thanks so much for your quick reply. 

Yes you are correct with regards to the issue.

The conundrum is that the seekbar controls of the video work on both of my systems in four different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE. I can't recreate the issue the user is having on my system so I can't test the result of any changes I may make to the file. The user is a client so I can't ask her to test on our behalf. She has screen shared with me and she is definitely accessing the module correctly and trying to move the seekbar on the video with no impact. I have asked her to run the module in the other three browsers.

How else can I test?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing some additional details. It certainly is hard to track down an issue when you cannot replicate it. 

I noticed that you also posted here, which is the Storyline forum, so I wanted to clarify what program you used to create the project file.

I want to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening with your permission. You can share it publicly here or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.