Inserting Engage13 into Presenter13

Aug 25, 2014

I have an older Presenter 09 course that i am updating.The file had older engage 09 interactions. I now have Presenter 13. I've saved the presentation as 13 file. I've recreated the engage interactions in Engage 13 and saved them. But when i go to import them into my presenter 13 file they come through as " (slide 0)" and instead of importing with a place holder at the slide number i want, it is adding a blank slide to the end of the presentation and there is no place holder.

Has anyone else found issues like this and is there a solution?

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Charles Zoffuto


The part of the issue you describe as inserting at the end of the presentation would indicate that when you go to import the engage that you are selecting between slides rather than selecting the slide after which you want to import, for example if you want to place an engage after slide 25, you should select slide 25 and not the area between slide 25 and 26. . This may clear up the other issues, but I am not sure. Good luck.

Des Fountain

I am not sure if you were experiencing the same exact issue I was, but I was able to fix my issue when running into (Slide 0). Here is the fix.

 I was able to contact Articulate help and they provided me this link.

The link basically says... if you are using Lync/Skype for Business, it needs to be the same year as your Microsoft Office. I had 2016 Lync and 2013 Office. I have upgraded my Office to 2016 to match Lync and everything is working beautifully.

I hope this helps anyone else having this same issue.

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