Inserting Swif Files in LargerSize

Help!  We have recorded several software animations using Captivate that need to be inserted into an Articulate presentation.  We've followed the advice from eLearning heros to make the swif files plan.  But, when we do so, the size of the animations is so small that they are not readable.  Our project is due within days and SMEs are not available to re-record animations.  Need to find a technical solution.  How can we get the animations to view in a size that is readable by our learners?

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Tricia Ransom

Ok, I was hoping it would be an easy fix. My question to you is what size is the Captivate recorded in? If it's larger than 1024 X 768, it's going to be teeny tiny. You might need to resize the captivate. However, I would make a copy of the original because when you size them down significantly, they often become fuzzy. This also means you'll have to redo all the text boxes and other objects, and cursor.

Tricia Ransom

Yes, that is most likely your problem. I know that you won't get the whole entire screen at a smaller size, but I think that is a small price to pay so make the screen legible. 

Do a file > save as for the Captivate and resize it down to a comparable ratio. Then publish that resized captivate and try it again.