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Feb 24, 2012

Our company has recently added Presenter to our eLearning tools, and I'm building a template that is going to be used to make hundreds of courses in the very near future. But, I'm stuck on setting the size. Using the "optimal" size setting makes the content window considerably smaller than in the eLearning programs we've been creating with Captivate. We can let the browser size the player up, but we're concerned about distortion to animations and other graphic files. Is there a way we can set a fixed size other than the "optimal" size, which is not really optimal in our case?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Lee-Ann!

If you would like to adjust how a presentation is launched, including the size of the presentation, please see the Browser Window Settings section here.

As you mentioned, if your settings are to Resize browser to fill screen or to Allow user to resize browser and they enlarge it drasticallyit is normal to see slight degradation in image quality when viewing your Flash output, especially if your presentation includes screenshots with text.

And currently, you cannot customize the published output to a specific dimension. If you would like to see this feature, please submit a feature request.

Hope that's helpful!

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