Integration Issues with LSO Integration

Dear all,

We are facing some problems with the integration of our courses in the LSO.

The settings we have defined when publishing to LMS are:


Scorm 1.2

Report status to LMS as: Passed/Incomplete


Track using number of slides viewed (=all slides).

These are the problems we have identified in the LSO:
* If the course/module is not finalized, no score is given to the course/module (Learning Progress = 0%)

* If the course/module is completed/finalized (Learning Progress = 100%) and it is transferred to the History

* If, when the course/module is on the History, I re-do the course/module but I didn't complete it again, the Learning Progress returns to 0% and it is transferred from the History to the Active Training

It seems that the progression SCORM data is not being sent to the correct variable which is cmi.score.raw:
* When the user finishes the course the SCORM data has the following values:
cmi.sucess.status value is "passed", 
cmi.completion.status value is "unknown".
The course is then passed correctly to the History.

The issue occurs when the user relaunches the course.
And now the SCORM data that is sent to after the user exits the course is:
cmi.sucess.status value is "unknown", 
cmi.completion.status value is "incomplete".

Could you please help us?

Thank you & Best Regards,

Ana Rita Cação

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Peter Anderson

Hi Ana!

If you attempt a quiz a second time and the status of the quiz changes from Complete to Incomplete this issue may be related to how your LMS is interpreting the data sent to it. 

On the second course launch or attempt, the Articulate content will ask the LMS if it needs to go into Review mode. The problem may lie with how the LMS interprets a subsequent launch. If someone relaunches content, does it make sense to reset the status so that they can attempt again? Does it make sense that the score only improves, or does it make sense that the second attempt is ignored? You could argue that all of these make sense. 

Our content explicitly checks to see if the LMS tells the content to launch in Review mode, if the LMS does not tell us to do that, then it is treated as a new attempt. 

If you set up your quiz so that a score can only improve on subsequent attempts, this may resolve the issue you are experiencing. 

1. Open up the Configuration.js file. 
2. Change this: 


To this: 


3. Save the file. 
4. Re-upload your course to the LMS 

By making the change above, this should cause the score to only improve on subsequent attempts. 


If you continue to have issues, you may need to update some code in the lms.js file located in the lms folder of your published course. Look for the following function in the lms.js file: 

function SetStatus(strStatus) 

In that function, you will see the following lines: 

case "incomplete": 

To prevent the course from ever being set to incomplete, simply remove those three lines of text, save the file, and re-upload to your LMS. 

You can actually change the core files here so you don't have to manually change this each time:
Presenter SCORM 1.2
C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm\ lms

SCORM 2004
C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm 2004\lms

SCORM 2004 3rd edition
C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm 2004 3rd\lms

C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_aicc\l ms

C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Quizmaker\content\lms

C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Engage\content\lms