Interactions disconnecting and quizzes appearing

Feb 13, 2015

I have created two courses in the same curriculum, both of which have been through many versions in the development process. Today, one of them turned up with two disturbing problems.

  1. Two quizzes from the other course showed up uninvited in the problem course.
  2. Several of the interactions somehow become disconnected from the main file, and when previewed/published displayed only the screens that you see in PPT.

For #1, I simply deleted the two quizzes. For #2, I was able to reconnect the problem screens by using Articulate/Insert Engage Interaction/ and select the problem slide in the list, clicking Use Existing..., selecting the corresponding file, then click update to replace already existing file in the presentation.

These actions solved the problem, but why did this happen? I'm working off my local drive as recommended and have not moved any files. I noticed that the .ppta file had yesterday's revision date on it, not today's, so I immediately suspected corruption. I renamed that file, reopened my PPT file, and, as should happen, a new .ppta file appeared that does have the correct revision date/time. So all seems well, but again, why do these things happen?

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Jim Schoemer

It happened again, even now using the latest version update. Yesterday published (to HD) an ecourse of 88 slides. Opened the file today to make revisions, 89 slides, containing another uninvited quiz from a different ecourse showing up in a random position. And, as before, an interaction lost connection with Presenter and displayed only the PPT screen. I fixed it by reinserting it from the existing file. When I published it, it worked. However, when I went back to make a different edit, and checked the preview, the connection was again lost and I had to reinsert it again. I need to see stable behavior from this program.

Jim Schoemer

I just sent the package for this file in conjuction with a different post and problem: I sent it through the tech support link, not the post, because the file size is quite large. At the moment, the file seems to be ok per my previous post.

Jim Schoemer

One additional tidbit I will mention is that both courses reside in the same folder. I suspect that isn't a good practice. If I separate the files for each course and put them in their own folder at this point, do I risk losing Presenter's "container" features? Probably the safest way to do that would be to create a package for both and then extract them to the new folders.

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