iPads with Presenter

Sep 01, 2016

We are a global org and have people all over the world taking our online courses.  Do you know if there is a difference in iPads?  In other words, if the course works on one iPad, should it work on all iPads?

We were recently doing a give-away in London for an iPad-mini and the person who won said it had to be the "UK version."  Does that make sense, and if so - does that mean it Articulate Presenter may not work on it?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheri,

The content should work the same regardless of the device regional location - as long as it adheres to the viewing requirements here. You'll want to ensure that the course is hosted on a website that users can access outside of the US (or wherever you created it).

We're also a global company with staff all over, and I haven't heard of anyone running into difficulty testing on an iPad in a different region of the world. If you do run across something please let us know and we can do some further testing! 

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