Is Articulate available in other languages?

Sep 29, 2011


I'd like to recommend Articulate to a Russian speaking client. Is it available in other languages, and Russian in particular? If not, have you heard of any clever workarounds that I haven't yet thought of?

thanks, Sorcha

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sorcha fox

So the end product can be in Russian, but the menu options for the developer would be in English, correct?

I think MS PPT would be in Russian if that was the default language on the operating system and in Windows. How do you think that would work in Articulate? While within presenter, maybe all the PPT menus would be in Russian, and the Articulate menus would not?

I have heard that some applications can be translated thorugh a data translation table, but only if they were developed in a certain way. Do you know anything about that? Is that something that could be checked with your developers?

Thanks for your response.

Brian Batt

Hi Sorcha,

Yes, Office will be in Russian, but the Articulate menu & ribbon will be in English.  There are some programs that support Language packs, but this isn't currently a feature of Presenter '09.  If you'd like to see that feature implemented into a future release, please submit a feature request to us by using the link below:

Jeanette Brooks

One more tip: some non-English-speaking users make frequent use of Google Translate to translate the text of the tutorials available here. You can copy the URL of a tutorial into the Google Translate window, and then click Translate to see the web page in a different language. Even though the video and screen captures within the tutorial will still be in English, it might be helpful to at least see the step text translated.

Scott Johnson

I've converted a course into Russian, and most of the text labels change also. It works reasonably well.

My only problem is that a translated  Player Tab displays as '????' when translated (see below - non-translated 'How to Navigate', translated second tab)

Any ideas how I get around this, short of amending the .xml files post-publish? I'm using Studio 09, Windows 7 and Office 10.

Many thanks


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