Is there a way to have user to hide/show Notes tab in 13?

Feb 03, 2014

In 09 we can add the Notes button to the controls and the user could show or hide the Notes.  In 13 now seems you either show the Notes or don't show them.  Is there no way to allow each individual user taking the course decide if they want to see the Notes or not? 

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Joseph Vajda

Hello, thanks for replying to my question.  I know how to show the notes or not show the notes; even make them show for specific slides and hide for others.  What I'd like to do is give the user the option to either show or hide the notes themselves, while viewing the course. 

In 2009 version there was a Notes button you can add to the control bar on the bottom of the player.  I don't see that option in the 2013 player properties; I noticed there is a Text Label for "Notes Checkbox" but not sure where that comes into play. 

I'm using the slide notes for closed captioning; so basically if a user cannot hear the  voiceovers in the course I want to give them the option to display the Notes to read the script for that slide instead.  However, if a user can hear the voiceovers then having the Notes open is a moot point and shouldn't have to be open.   From what I've seen in the 2013 Player and Slide properties, it's an either or situation - show the notes or hide the notes?

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, thanks for clarifying you're using Storyline! It's generally the same process there. 

Simply go to the Home tab on the Storyline ribbon and click Player.

When the player properties window appears, look in the Player Tabs section for Notes.  You can decide whether you want the Notes tab to be in the sidebar or on a topbar tab. 


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