Is there a way to import projects created with iSpring?

We have a lot of projects (CBL) created with PowerPoint and iSpring (v.8.7), is there a process (export-import) to be able to edit these PPT files with Articulate Presenter 360?

Or, can I export them as SCORM and then use either Presenter or Rise to continue on editing? I hate to have to redo the project entirely for minor changes or updates. 

What would be the import workflow in Presenter/PowerPoint?



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Crystal Horn

Hello, Alain.  You can add narration, videos and interactions to your existing PPT files using Presenter 360, though your iSpring content won't be supported.  The same is true for published output, like SCORM Packages.  Once you publish, you can't open and edit the output in the authoring tools.

What sort of features did you add with iSpring?  Maybe we can brainstorm a way to build those projects with Articulate most efficiently.

Alain Gauthier

For anyone interested, here is how we worked around it. We published the iSpring quizzes to Word documents, then copied the data into the spreadsheet to import into Quizmaker quizzes. 

As for the presentation, we turned off iSpring and used Articulate Presenter to 'clean it up'. A bit of a long way around, but it worked for the short term. All new projects are done in Storyline.

Elena Montano

Hello, I'm facing a similar challenge, we have several courses created with iSpring Suite 9, the main reason is due to the video lecture player, where on one side we have the PPT and on the other the video of the presenter. I've been trying for quite a while to find a way to create something similar to no avail, the only thing I have been able to do is adding a video on the top side of the menu, that looks tiny. Wondering if there is a way to actually achieve similar functionality.