Is there any way to batch creation of packages...

I have about 40 different articulate presenter presentations.  I have to work on these on two computers -- desktop and laptop, so I'm told, the only way to do this is to create a "package" and electronically schlep these from one computer to another.... work on it, and then package it up again, and bring it back to the original computer. again, and again and again.

So, given that there's supposedly no better way to do this (than to create "packages"), how do I easily create packages from my 40 or so presenter powerpoints? Do I have to load each one, create a package, then close it?  Seems to me there's be some sort of a "batch" functionality.

Unless I've totally missed the boat on this (which is possible) and there is an easier way for one developer to work on these things on more than one computer... I need the power of my desktop at home but my ultrabook on the road. And yes, I've purchased a more powerful laptop... it blows the power outlets on United, so I have to go with my less power-hungry notebook for an upcoming trip and I want to take all 40 of my presenter files with me without screwing it all up by opening them, saving them and then having some issue come up because I didn't transfer them properly using a package.

I appreciate everyone's help.  I appreciate Articulate support staff's prompt replies as well, I'm just kind of baffled that nobody is as bugged about this rather laborious portability process as I am (not so laborious for one file, but forty -- yes.)

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jim!  Happy Friday...

Well, I completely understand how tedious that process feels to you, especially when working with so many projects and needing portability.  And I can also guarantee you that you aren't alone in feeling bugged about it; it's a feature we've heard requested and that we continue to share with our product development team.

Currently, yes, you will need to package your projects individually and then determine a location for that package to be saved.  I'm not sure what you're using to store those projects; in my case, I can set my location to my Dropbox and then pull them down from there onto my local hard drive where I need to complete the work.

We do communicate your needs to our development team, but would you mind submitting a feature request to put it best into your own words?  Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.