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I have no idea what's wrong with this. A part of the course that I'm making involves a navigation that allows users to click on "buttons" on a slide, which links to hidden slides elsewhere in the presentation. The idea is thanks to Nancy Woinoski & Pinched Head's What Your Teachers Never Told You, slide "Improving Cash Flow".

I'm using two such navigation feel in my presentation. All seems well until I published it via Articulate Presenter. For each "button", I created another rectangle on top, made it transparent, and made the transparent rectangle hyperlinked to a different slide (a method recommended by many on this forum). It worked without a glitch on PowerPoint's slideshow mode, but as soon as I published it, everything stopped working. Only 2 of the 16 buttons worked on the "Major Safety Compliance" slide. Another button links to the wrong slide, and the other buttons simply "lost" its hyperlink. For the "Employee Involvement" slide, none of the hyperlinked buttons worked.

Does anyone know what is wrong? Is there some sort of Articulate Presenter limitation that I don't know about?

Published flash presentation (AICC):

PPT + PPTA files:

Any help is much appreciated!!


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Kevin Dowd

Hi Andrew,

This probably won't solve all of your problems but might be contributing:

You can't hyperlink to a slide that has a common in the title.  It's a bug in ppt.

To avoid this problem, drag the title pane off to the side of the slide, take out the comma(s), and then put a text box in the area you want the title displayed and type your new title there.

Hope this helps,