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David Anderson

Hi Ajanthan,

Here's a quick source sample you can download and try.

It's a simple .fla with code that tells Presenter to jump to a specific slide. Here's a screencast overview on the process:

And if you want to look at the source files:

The effect works well, but if you change slide count - add or subtract slides - you'll likely have to update the Flash file to point to the correct slides.

Mehdi Kasumov

Ok then what was replcade by level0.ArtAPI.PlaySlideNum(x0 with?
if Articulate deletes something, especially the functionality that allowed people with excellent flash skils to use articulate together , then something BETTER should have been implemented in place?

I do not see it it.
when we click next button we fg to the next slide what is the code there?
Can the same code be implementd inside flash to call it?

this kind of delteting of functonality resembeles Camtasia Studio – they constantly delete perfect coices and then wait for public uproar to restore it