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May 22, 2015


I added a video to my articulate presentation by first going to the articulate tab, then under video i selected "Add slide video from file. After publishing my content and saving it as a zip file, i uploaded it to my LMS. The issue i am faced with is that when i try to play the video from the web browser nothing happens it just shows the video thumbnail. I am using CourseSites By Blackboard LMS to upload my content.


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Linard Francis

Hey Leslie, 

I tried using the SCROM cloud, same issue. On the Articulate video control is shows the video is streaming, but there just a static picture/thumbnail like thing on the screen. The video is in MP4 format 

some of the settings are as follows:

-show video: In slide 

-Play Video: Automatically

-checked marked box "do not compress video at publish"

I published the content in SCROM 1.2 


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