Loaded to LMS-delay in loading PPT Master slide background

Mar 12, 2012

Well, I'm stumped.  I created a course using Studio 09, PPT 2003, published for LMS, loaded into Sum Total LMS test environment.  When viewing in the LMS, some of the slides appear without their Master Slide images, which are photos copied from MicroSoft Images (clipart). They do eventually load after a delay of .5 - 2.0 seconds, but it is really a distraction. 

Has anyone else had this issue?  Ideas related to the photos?  About the Slide Master?  Help...?

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Jo Chamberlin

Thank you, Ron.  I finally got to test this idea today and found that using a compressed photo did noticeably speed up the "load."  However, it is still slower than the rest of the slide once it's in the LMS.  I may try laying the compressed photo on the actual slide rather than using a slide master and see if that doesn't fix it.  Thanks so much for you response!  You put me on the right track!

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