Logo is not showing in Mozilla Firefox

Oct 10, 2013


I spent the whole afternoon and I wont get this one fixed, can anyone help?

I added our Logo to the Player in Articulate Presenter 13.

After publishing my presentation as SCORM 1.2 I inserted it into our Moodle System.

If I open the SCORM Module the Logo is not displayed, if I use Mozilla Firefox as Browser.

It is displayed however, if I use Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Our students use Firefox, so I have to get this problem fixed or we can't use Presenter 13 (we are using Presenter 9 currently).

Here my System details:

WIN 7 Professional

Power Point Standard 2010: 14.0.7106.5001 (32 Bit)

Firefox: 24.0

Firefox Flash: 11.9.900.117

IE: 10.0.9200.16686

IE Flash: 11.9.900.117

Chrome: 30.01399.69

I am glad for any hint!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandra and welcome to Heroes! 

Thanks for sharing all your technical specs too, that is very helpful! It looks like everything is up to date in terms of system viewing requirements. I tested this myself, and uploaded a one slide presentation to Tempshare (http://s3.amazonaws.com/tempshare-stage.studio.articulate.com/prp186i0b7cgvii12se98ri1d1v5m4/presentation_html5.html)  with a logo included and I was able to see it within Firefox.

Since you mentioned loading this into your LMS, can you also try testing it within SCORM Cloud to see if you get the same result? If so, please connect with our Support team so that they can do some further testing. 

Sandra Huemer

Hi Ashley,

I contacted the Articulate Support Team as the logo wasn't showing in SCORM Cloud too.

I got this response:


... This is a known issue and has already beensubmitted to our Quality Assurance team for their review. As a workaround youcan use Chrome and Internet Explorer in the meantime.



So I will wait and hope that the problem will be fixed soon

I hope it will be within the 30 days test period as well, because I will have to retest this before we can make a decision weather to buy Presenter 13 or not.



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