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Apr 08, 2011

The setup: a pretty standard player with Outline, Notes, and Search Tabs. The text color for the speaker notes in PPT is black. The default view is for the Outline Tab to show when the presentation is viewed.

What's happening is that sometimes (and there's no pattern here that we've been able to see), when switching from the Outline Tab to the Notes Tab on a screen where there are notes in PPT, the notes don't show in the player. If we move forward or backward a screen and return to the original screen, the notes are magically visible.

We've seen this happen in different modules on different machines, but we can't recreate the behavior on demand -- it's just plain random.

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on the cause -- and better yet, a cure -- are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Justin Wilcox

We have an issue logged that sounds like this might be the same thing:

You might notice after publishing and viewing your published Presenter project that some of the Notes are not displayed when selecting the Notes Tab. This is a known issue that has been sent to our Quality Assurance Team for further review.

This issue is directly related to the slides that are not displayed in the outline when first loading the published presentation and would require you to scroll the outline to view the titles representing these slides. To workaround this issue, select the Notes tab twice and the notes will display.

Judith Davis

Has this issue been fixed yet?  We have been experiencing the same problem and haven't been able to do anything but the work around.  Plus the work around is difficult due ot the fact that the audience is a few thousand people with various language backgrounds, so giving them basic troubleshooting to follow is next to impossible.  Thanks, Judith

David Burton


I've recorded a Screenr that demonstrates changing all instances of the <NotesHeightSmall>550</NotesHeightSmall> in one click of a button. It does require you to download and install the free utility Notepad++.

Screenr Link:



1. After publishing your presentation, navigate to the data folder of the published output.

2. Open the presentation.xml file in Notepad++

3. From the Notpadd++ search menu, select Find...

4. From the Find dialog, select the Replace Tab and enter the following text as shown below.

*Note: Make sure the Regular Expression radio button is selected under the Search Mode group. 

Find what: 


Replace with:


5. From the Find dialog, select the Replace All button.

6. Save and close the modified presentation.xml file.

You might find with large presentations and until this issue is addressed, this can save you a lot of time.

I hope this speeds things up for you!

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