multiple powerpoint slide decks into one presentation

Mar 09, 2012

Hi everyone,

I have around 6 separate slide decks from 6 presenters, some have PIP video, some just audio, that need to be grouped into one 30 minute presentaion. How do I do this? Do I some how copy and paste the sepaate powerpoint slides to one big deck?

Thanks Greg

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Meridith Litton

Greg, look at my posts yesterday at

Re: Trying to create simple Menu for multiple modules

This shows a table of contents (menu).  By clicking on the "button" for the subject, it takes you to a branch within PPT.  When the last slide is completed, it automatically takes you back to the menu.  I think that you could insert the web object on slide 2 of the branch and when that portion is complete, it would go to slide 3 which would take you back to the menu.  This would only work if the viewer of the presentation can access the sections at random and isn't required to see all of them.

If the viewer is required to see the entire presentation in order, I still think that you can use the web object structure.  Of course, just copying and pasting each of the presentations into one deck is the easiest option if the presentation is linear and the viewer starts on slide 1 and containues to slide end.

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