Audio lost after publishing

Jun 11, 2023

After successfully publishing 6 powerpoint files with Presenter 360, all containing audio as a 6-lesson course, I have found that audio is now missing from a couple of the powerpoint files (not the published files) when I open them again to do some re-recording. I have literally spent hundreds of hours  developing a course composed of these 6 lessons, all with narration. Now, hours of audio is missing. In looking at the Presenter Output>Presentation Content folder, my MP3 files are there. However, the files names are a series of letters and numbers about 40 characters long and there's no way to determine which slide #'s they're associated with unless I listen to each one and then import it into the ppt file. That's just not practical. Has anyone encountered this issue?

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Ron Price

Sorry to hear that - I can imagine that is frustrating.  I do not have a solution, but typically something like that is caused by the PPTx file being moved without also moving the PPTa file.

To prevent this, you may want to consider creating an Articulate package when moving files. This is found under file.

mick kless

Thanks, Ron. But that was not the case at all. Nothing moved. In researching the issue here, it appears as though there were similar issues 10 years ago. After publishing to LMS, the audio is sometimes disassociated from the ppt file for some bizarre reason. I submitted the case to Support to see what they can come up with. I have to spend the entire day today re-recording 1 lesson since it's about 10 hours of narration. 

mick kless

Hi Kelly,

It's kind of interesting that there are Forum posts going back 11 years about this issue and it's never been resolved. You'd think it would be addressed when you know that your users spend hundreds of hours recording audio to produce just 1 lesson. I suppose I'll have to start recording outside of Articulate and then import the files so I can separate the two. That way, I'll always have a copy instead of losing them when your software destroys my audio files after publishing them.

Hopefully, Johnrey will be able to find a solution since he has escalated the issue. I have a feeling that we'll have everything re-recorded long before that ever happens.



mick kless

As I suspected, they knew there was a bug but couldn't identify why the audio files are lost or corrupted. The issue was escalated. My company is a software development company in addition to a training company so I also suspected that those 40 character randomly generated names for the embedded audio files could be identified and linked to the slides they came from. The specialist confirmed my suspicion and now we know how the audio files in the presentation content folder can be re-embedded into the lesson. We re-recorded the lesson before they told us the solution but at least we know what to do going forward and the precautions to take (backups before publishing, recording audio outside of Presenter, etc.).