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May 09, 2011

I encounter an issue with imported Flash 8 files. The import works well and the Flash movies are visible and usable.

Unfortunately after restarting PowerPoint all the imported Flash movies are invisible.

Fortunately they are still visible in the published presentation but of course it is quite difficult to work with the invisible ones in PowerPoint.

While doing some tests I found out that this problem does not occur when importing files in Flash 6 format. So I wonder which Flash versions are supported by Presenter?

Is there any trick to avoid the problem of the invisible Flash files?

Thanks in advance


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Phil Mayor

Hi Frank

I always get this happening, I find the flash file still plays in ppt in presentation mode, what I do to align items on the slide, is export the fla as a png and insert that, I then make the inserted swf invisible and put the swf.png over the top of the slide, using the selection pane I am able to align the other items on the slide

You just need to remember to make the png invisible before publishing, but once I am happy I normally make it invisible,

There are probably other ways of working round this but this is the one I am happy with


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ravee,

It may not be specific to the project if it's asking users to update their current installation of Flash. It may be their browser and the Flash update for their system. Some browsers come with Flash built-in to the program, while others work from an installation of Flash for the machine. Different browsers will behave differently, depending on the version installed and the options enabled for addons, etc. 

Studio '09 requires Flash Player 6.0.79 or later. 

Studio '13 requires Flash Player 10 or later.

If the users are just seeing the prompt, and they're not experiencing any issues with the course itself, they are not required to update.


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