Multiple questions with Studio 360

Hello all,

We're looking to make the change from Articulate '13 to Studio 360 to deal with some issues we've had with mobile.  And yes, it would need to be Studio 360, not Storyline for reasons.  We started testing out 360 today and are having some issues that I can't seem to find answers to.

1. Tables in the PPT are publishing with all the content mashed up into the top left corner.  This would happen occasionally with '13, it was a glitched publish, we'd redo it and it would work fine.  As content is updated frequently, screencapping a table and replacing it with an image is not a good solution.

2. The notes page is nice and sharp in the HTML5 version, it is dreadful and pixelated in Flash.  The client font is Arial, again, this is a thing we cannot change.  I've tried different font sizes and before and after spacing and it's still terrible. 

In a different direction, bullets are formatting correctly in the flash version but are weirdly indented in the HTML5 version.  Consistently indented but they're too far over and the hanging value is ignored.

3. We've got a lot of courses where they want a clickable interaction that's a SWF file.  You can still embed them, they work fine in the preview but then only work in a specific browser.  Yes, I know flash is going away, which is why we're doing this, but is there some way to get it to display?

Any  help would be appreciated.  The answer to some of this would be Storyline but that's just not happening.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jada, 

Thanks for reaching out and I'm glad you're giving Articulate 360 a try! 

For the issues you've run into in 1 and 2 - I'd want to take a look at an example file to see what you're seeing. Could you also let me know if this is on newly upgraded files to Articulate 360 or on have you seen it building files directly into Articulate 360? 

The bullets not wrapping correctly in Studio 360's HTML5 output is something that we've reported to our team as a possible software bug, so I'll include this discussion in that report too! We'll be able to update you here once it's fixed. 

What browser do the SWF files work in? A lot of browsers are starting to block Flash by default, so that could explain some of the behavior you've run into. 

For the review button, does clicking it take you nowhere or just not where you'd expect? That sounds like another item to test in the course examples you have. 

If you're able to share the Presenter package here with us we can take a look. Also, if you need to share privately feel free to pass it along to our Support Engineers - they can also assist with a trial extension if needed while you test these items! 

Gillian Lugg

Hi Jada,

Dot point one, we also experienced this issue and have a simple work around. Before you publish the course to LMS, use the preview button in presenter on the slide that contains the table, then publish the course. For some strange reason the table remains as is. We have also saved the table as an image and reinserted it.

We too have had a similar issue with bullet points and unfortunately I don’t have a work around for that one.

I agree with you, Storyline may be a good solution but we have over a 100 courses built in Studio which need to remain as is.


Katie Riggio

Great news, folks!

I wanted to circle back here to let you know that we released another update for Articulate 360 ☺️

This update includes a fix for the issue in Studio 360 where bulleted lists did not wrap correctly in the notes panel in HTML5 output.

You can take advantage of this fix by updating your software to the latest version. Many thanks again for letting us know about this!