New Articulate 13 User's Basic Questions: Saving a PPT file to an Articulate File; Adding Multiple Sound Files to a Slide

Apr 06, 2016

Hi All. Thanks in advance for your responses.
I am a novice Articulate 13 user, so please excuse me if my questions are basic.

I am about to turn a PPT deck into an Articulate 13 module. I have a few questions.
1) How do you save a PPT into an Articulate file (.ppta)?

2) Once the PPT file is converted to a .ppta file, does it automatically update when you save the PPT file? If not, how do you make sure the .ppta file is updated with the latest edits?

3) In Articulate 13, is it possible to add two or three sound files to one slide? How do you do this so that the sound files correctly follow each other?

I'm sure I will have additional questions. Thanks for your expertise.

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Crystal Horn

Hey Joel!  Welcome to Articulate.  :)

1.  When you add Articulate Presenter content to your PowerPoint file, you'll essentially have 2 files, a .ppt file and a .ppta file.  Those files need to stay together for your entire presentation to work.  This article on Managing Project Files explains how to create an Articulate package which bundles the files together.

2.  Whenever you save the file within PowerPoint, you will be updating the entire presentation, including the Articulate content.

3.  You cannot import more than one audio file per slide.  At the bottom of the 3rd step in this article, it explains that each audio file will be imported to a separate slide.  However, if you go into the Audio Editor, you can import multiple files which will be combined as one audio file on the slide.

I hope that helps a bit!

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