(new?) solution to the working-on-multiple-computer problem with Articulate Presenter? Win 10 "Roaming"

Over the years I've posted issue with shuttling work between laptop, and desktop and the problems of the "roaming" directory.

And yes, I know the stock solution (at the time at least) was to "package up" each of my 100 or so courses and move them from one machine to the other, unpackage them, work on them, then package them again, then move them, then unpackage them again and so on...

I don't know why Articulate doesn't consider this important, or maybe I just missed the memo that there IS indeed a way to do this with the new Articulate 360 that I own... so as of 2018 -- is there a solution now to this issue?

What about this:   I think (but don't know for sure) that some of the problems are caused by thie "roaming" directory appdata/roaming...

I read yesterday that windows 10 has a new method where this appdata/roaming directory can be tied to your MIcrosoft account (which I don't use but am willing to try if it would fix this problem.)

If i set up a couple of "identical" Win 10 machines and (somehow) enabled the roaming directory to be tied in to my (Previously unused) Microsoft account... could this make the process of moving Articulate files from one computer to another and back again, easier?  Again, I know all about packaging up and moving each of my 100 courses using the zip file feature, packaging moving unpackaging working packaging moving upackaging working workflow... that's what I do in a pinch.

But I was hoping that maybe this "new" (ish) feature of Win 10 might offer a solution? Microsoft says that this ability to tie it into the MS accounts helps applications working on different machines tied to the same account.

anything new on this in 2018?  Anyone else out there need this (to be able to easily work on these files from multiple machines)?

Thanks everyone.


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matt thorne

The only feedback for you on the idea of using a synched folder such as Microsoft's Win10 feature is that I've had some experience using Google Drive in a similar fashion and I've had it create some problems. If a sync happens while you have that storyline file open or even worse, while it's in the process of saving...on occasion it'll corrupt the file. 

Articulate's stock answer is that you need to always work from a "local" drive, which technically, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, whatever....is. It's the sync that can get you.