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Sep 10, 2015


Looking for a little help and suggestions...

I previously developed a major application in Studio 09, and have been away from Studio 09 for some time.   I now need to refresh this developed material and I'm faced with the question of support under Windows 10.

I tentatively upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10, and this is good for all my other development tools and applications, however I've now discovered that simple new applications in Studio 09 work on my development environment but are giving strange problems when uploaded to the web.

I've read the brief note at and understand this as the official position of Articulate. There does not seem to be much other discussion around this subject.

Apart from the cost of upgrading to Studio 13, I see the following choices:

1. Continue with 09 under Win 10, working around any compatibility issues. Is this practical, or are there too many problems?

2. Revert to Win 8.1

3. Do Articulate development on a separate Win 7 or Win 8.1 system, either using a dual boot setup or Oracle VM VirtualBox

All input gratefully accepted!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

I haven't heard of a lot of users needing a Studio '09 and Windows 10 set up, but as you mentioned it's not officially supported, but elements of it may work.

Personally, I run Studio '09 in a Win 7 VM, Win 10 in a VM with SL2 and Studio '13 and kept Win 8.1 on my main system with Studio '13, Storyline 1 and 2. :-) 

Peter Hers

Hi Ashley.  Thanks for the reply.

Just to confirm: I gather your host system is Win 8.1?  What VM tool are you using - VirtualBox or something else?

I've now installed VirtualBox under Win 10, although it's not officially supported yet.   When installing Win 7 and Office it seemed to work OK but I'm getting some random problems with Presenter '09. Looks like this is not a reliable solution just yet.

Linda Keith

Peter, I use a Mac and had been running Studio in a virtual machine. It caused all kinds of hassles. So now I have Studio on a laptop PC and do all of my development there. It works great. I did upgrade to Studio '13 and when I upgraded each presentation from '09 used that opportunity to freshen them all up. It was a good process.

So if Studio '13 is in the budget, it might be a good choice.

Good luck!

Peter Hers

Linda, thanks for feedback.

As an independent I have no budget for upgrades unless I can get a client to pay for it. Our exchange rate to US$ makes this a very difficult decision...

Freshen up: I have a major application which I would like to freshen, but wish I had the time. Estimate is approx. 3 months work.

Peter Hers

Since posting my original question I've had to review the Win 10 move.  I've found that some other tools are also unhappy with Windows 10: Either have to wait for patches from vendor, or, more likely, have to upgrade other products as well - all at cost. So I've backed out of Windows 10 at this stage and will revisit in 6 months time when the dust has settled.

Thanks for inputs.

Peter Hers

Hi Marsha,

Just a short reply to say that I gave up all attempts at running '09 under Windows 10. I was successful running it on a Win 7 machine under Oracle Virtualbox, but did all the necessary work on a native Win 8.1 machine.

Clearly the world moves on, and I expect all Articulate's new work will be focused on the new products.

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