Windows 8 & Studio'09 + Office Professional 2010

Aug 20, 2013

I have just brought a new Windows 8 PC online and am transitioning to it and looking for guidance with installing Studio'09 and Office 2010 (I guess)>

My 2 permitted PCs are both Windows XP and 1 has Office Professional 2000, the other Office Professional 2007 & both have Studio'09 alive and well. I plan to decommission the Office Pro 2000 PC as soon as I get the Windows 8 machine fully operational.

Question 1: Am I correct to assume no compatibility problems with Studio'09 and Windows 8?

Question 2: Any known compatibility problems with Studio'09 and Office Professional 2010 under Windows 8?

Question 3: Any prognostication on known, suspected or otherwise feared compatibility issues with the coming Studio'13 and my Windows 8 environment? [e.g., Windows 8 + Office Professional 2010 + Studio'13 expected to work just fine, etc]

I simply hate to spend good money and discover it is a throw-away!

Thank in advance ... Bill

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