"Next" slide with Quizmaker

Hi there

A colleague has a Presentation which has a section containing a couple of recap Quizmaker interactions.

The user only has to answer one of the interactions and the "Next" button is set to bypass the second interaction once the user completes the first.

Basic idea is:

  1. Slide 1 - link to interaction 1 or 2
  2. Slide 2 - 1st interaction
  3. Slide 3 - 2nd interaction
  4. Slide 4 Summary

So if a user selects the link to interaction 1 they should answer the questions involved and then be taken to the summary. If they select "Next slide" on slide 2 they are taken to the summary. However if they answer the questions and let the package advance them they are taken to Slide 3.

That sounds load more complicated than it needs to be, but hopefully I have explained it clearly enough.


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Brian Batt

Hi Tony,

Have you gone to the slides that contain your quizzes & clicked on the Properties button?  From there, you can set the "When user passes, "Finish" button" and "When user fails, "Finish" button" to go whatever slides you need.  You can take it an extra step and change the "User may view slides after quiz" to After passing quiz.  

Does that help?