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Dwayne Schamp

From Justin in this post:


"You might notice after publishing and viewing your published Presenter project that some of the Notes are not displayed when selecting the Notes Tab. This is a known issue that has been sent to our Quality Assurance Team for further review.

This issue is directly related to the slides that are not displayed in the outline when first loading the published presentation and would require you to scroll the outline to view the titles representing these slides. To workaround this issue, select the Notes tab twice and the notes will display."

Josh Janikowski

I had a coworker publish my exact file and the notes showed up just fine. Im about to uninstall articulate and reinstall but ill wait to see if you see an issue.

I am aware of the other glitch where you can click off the notes and back on tehm to view the notes. Then they apear. This is a completely different issue.