Old Presenter Files Republished Not Playing

I've already submitted a ticket about this on a previous course earlier this week but I haven't heard anything back, so I'm taking this to the discussion boards - this time with the same issue but another course.  This was created in Presenter and I tried to update it and republish it in HTML5.  When I upload to my LMS, it will not play.  I just get the spinning wheel.  I've tested in SCORM Cloud and they won't play there either. I think it has something to do with the video files because other old presenter files I am updating are okay - but they don't have video.  I am attaching the file here - Hopefully someone can help.



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Crystal Horn

Thanks for the update, Kristen!  And no problem - we want to be sure we get back to you with some solid help.

I didn't see your case under the email associated with your E-Learning Heroes profile.  If you want to let me know the case number, I'm happy to follow along there as well.  Hope you're making out well!