"Optimal" export format, bitrate, resolution, etc...

Dec 11, 2012

Does anyone have some "optimal settings" to be exporting video from other applications for use with Articulate?

I've got Adobe Media Encoder, and it works WAY better than Articulate's, however I don't know what Articulate Presenter's preferred format/bitrate/resolution/framerate/etc... is for importing with the least amount of issues.

(Or even "optimal settings" to export .mp4/.avi/.mov before importing into Articulate Video Encoder so that the encode doesn't take years, or crash?)

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David Celaya

Hey there,

ie; the last import I did into AVE was a 1280x720p24 video

-Way too big! I think the standard pixel size for Presenters main window is 720px WIDE if memory serves. Height about 500 something.

...encoded h264


...6-10mb/s variable 2-pass with a total filesize of about 1.2gb (30 mins of video)

-Bad. Again, way to much data for what the end user will see. Your bitrate should be in the hundreds, not the thousands of kilobits. Try something in the neighborhood of 200-300k, then see if you need more, or if you can get away with less, and still have acceptable quality. The 2 pass is probably overkill, as you probably will not notice any difference in the picture. And if your looking to save time on the render, thats the place to start. Ill try to attach a snapshot of one of the last things we did. Its 720x405 flv. at about 300kbps. Audio was at 80k. The 1:10 sec video is just under 6mb. Could have made it even smaller (file size wise), but bandwidth was not a huge concern.


It didn't like that one bit. First attempt it ran for 12 hours then crashed, second attempt it ran for 22 hours then just did nothing. I had to restart.

-The Adobe media encoder is pretty good. I do believe it lets you set in and out points in your input video, so that you can export a small section, say 30 seconds or so, to test what your going to get. That way you can quickly estimate what your going to get with image quality, file size, and render times.

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