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Sep 25, 2013

A client of mine insists that you can attach a PDF document for download within an Articulate presentation, whilst I keep on replying that the only way to do so is to embed it via Scribd, etc., which is a no-no for the client due to security concerns.

I have scoured all over your forums on this matter, but to no avail. Would you be able to guide me to some links or tutorials I might have overlooked?


Jason Aquilina

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to add one more important point...

The problem I'm finding with attaching PDF's stems from the fact that, once we deliver the finished presentation to the client, there's no access to these attachments, as the link address becomes irrelevant once the client downloads the presentation.

Embedding the PDF seems to be the only solution I have found, but as I stated before, security issues from the client prevent us from doing so.

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Minh-Triet Nguyen

Hello Jason,  

What happens when you use Presenter's Attachments function?  If you use Articulate > Insert > Attachments to browse for a local file, AP'09 will copy the file in your output under ./data/downloads folder.  So the PDF should be part of the package.

If you needed to link to it on a slide, you could just manually create a hyperlink to "data/downloads/FILE.PDF" ...just be sure the slashes are forward slashes and any spaces in the filenames are replaced with plusses or %20 to make it a valid URL.

Jason Aquilina

Right, after clarifying what the client wants, they have gone for attachments, as well as hyperlinks within the slides that lead to the same attachments. That's no problem, as I have done that many times before, the exception being that I did not realise that PDF is accepted, so thanks for the tips everybody!

However, the client asked if it's possible to attach the PDF's in question whilst the same PDF's do not appear in the Attachments tab - the only access to these PDF's being via the hyperlinks within the slides...is that possible? At first I was confused by the client's request, but then it made sense because hyperlinking these attachments only via PP 2007 will not work by the time the finished presentation moves away from my C drive and into the client's FTP, because the URL will be different...

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