Pictures and clip art not publishing properly

Greetings everybody!

I just started working with Articulate and this is sure to be my first post of many.

Current issue:

I've developed a 9 slide module with many pictures and clip art, but they don't appear to be publishing well. It looks as if any shadowing/glow/gradient effects turn into a really low quality non-transparent grain. What's more odd is that in some cases I reuse images and it doesn't affect every one.

Update: It looks as if its not picking up the transparencies in some images, but it is in the others. Very odd.

Has anyone experienced this before?


Side issue:

My attempts to sync have only partially worked. That is, some slides are syncing properly and others are not (after publish). Why would this be?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,


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Brian Batt

Hi Ian and welcome to Heroes,

You can maximize the quality of images inserted in PowerPoint by reviewing the following blog article: 

In regards to your syncing issue, be sure to hit the stop syncing button before the end of the slide occurs so that your syncing is saved properly.

If you continue to have issues, please let me know.

Ian Monk

Many thanks for the response.

Regarding the pictures and clip art. Problem solved.

However, my syncing is still off. It's odd.

I hit stop sync and it appear to be working, but when I publish it says the slide is longer than the audio clip (audio is 00:45 seconds, slide is 00:49 seconds). In one case, it says my audio file is only 00:12 seconds, but it's actually 1:02 minutes.

Not sure what the problem is.