Player Colors... notes background not documented in PDF reference

Jan 04, 2016

When I publish, the notes background behind the text is a different color than the tab background, and the reference PDF (Articulate-Presenter-13-Player-Colors.pdf) does not call out how the background can be changed (other than noting that the formatting is controlled by PowerPoint). Please see my attachment.

I would like the background behind the text to be the same as the tab background.

Thanks for any help.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, John -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! It looks like a similar question was asked over in this thread by Maritess midway down the replies. and received the following response you can try: 

"Change the color of the Menu Background... the Notes pane uses the same background color!"

That should do the trick, but please let us know if you need anything else! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, John -- According to the PDF you referenced, it appears that it’s all controlled by the “menu>background" but the tab color is Tab > selected background, and the general background color behind the whole thing is Base > Left pane background. It could be possible that you have a fill in your Notes tab. (View > Notes > Background fill). Please give that a look or feel free to share your file and we can check out how things are currently set. :)

John Linn

Thanks Christie. I have found the issue. It is the setting for transparency. It seems the menu>background can have transparency, but not when text is on top of it. That is why the color text behind the text was darker than the rest of the background.

So to make my issue go away I had to give up transparency, which is not a big deal... only had to fuss with the colors a while to get them where I want them.

There is always a way.

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