Poor video and image quality when published in Presenter

Dec 10, 2021


I'm embedding video and images in a Presenter 360 module. Publish quality is set to the best video and image quality (9 & 100%).

But images and videos are blurred and quality is poor : it seems that the publish output for web or LMS is locked to 720p and videos can't be more than 720p.

Is my assumption right ?

Is there a workaround ? I'd like the resolution set to 1080 for video.

How can I lock the resolution to 1080 for publishing with Presenter 360 ?



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Pierre Le Gallou

No you are not alone.
I don't know if there is a way to solve your issue.

@image > We (in my company) struggle to find a way to avoid these blurry images that we get once the module is published (same for videos).

@videos > We have uploaded our videos on YouTube (so they are not embedded in the module).

As you may already know, you can lock the resolution of your player (Player > Option > Then in Player Size, select Lock Player at optimal size, and you can choose your player size).


Steven Benassi

Hi Donisa!

Sorry to hear you've also run into this setback!

I see that you've opened a support case that's being handled by my colleague, Philam. It looks like Philam replied to your e-mail requesting additional files to review.

You're in excellent hands troubleshooting with him and we can continue the conversation through your case.