Powerpoint 2010 Animation Pain - I mean Pane

While I like the new features and effects in Powerpoint 2010, I hate the changes to the Animation Pane.
The one in 2007 was MUCH better. It had everything all together in one place. This new one requires much more mousing around and clicking here there and all over the screen. I hate the new panel so much that I now build presentations in 2010, but open them in 2007 to work on the animations. I imagine that someday this will bite me, but for now, it is working.

My questions:

1) Is anyone else feeling this way or am I just odd?

2) Does anyone know of a way to make the 2010 Animation Pain work like the 2007 Animation Pane?
3) To whom do we complain at Microsoft?


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Melanie Sobie

I recently upgraded to 2010 from 2003, so I'm not familiar with 2007.

I find using the Selection Pane along with the Animation Pane in 2010 to be super useful!

In 2003, when I had a large number of objects with a lot of animations on one slide I would break that out into two or three slides, rather than build all of the animations on the one slide.

This screenr is where I learned about how to use the selection pane. If you have a second monitor like I do it works even better!