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Oct 20, 2015

Hi Everyone,  I cannot get presenter to work on a computer with windows 10 and Office 2016.  I installed the latest update, but that didn't help. The Articulate Studio menu bar appears to be active, but nothing happens when I click any of the buttons. Any ideas.


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Dr. Nadia Siddiqui

I am using it also on my PC windows 10 and it is working fine. Just had to uninstall and reinstall again ..:) It is working fine now. All the best.

Can I ask you to drop me an email if you have any questions?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Dr Nadia Siddiqui

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Gordon MacPherson

I am having a problem with a newly purchased and installed version of Studio 13. I installed it in a HPZ230 Workstation running Windows Professional 7 and Microsoft Office 13 with PowerPoint 13. It's functions to a point and then when I try to Preview a large amount of slides with in the PPT environment it crashes . If I try and preview 20-3- slides with Presenter Video in each it's OK but no matter the size I choose to Publish I get the Articulate Crash page.

I have Studio 13 on a SONY VAIO Laptop which has been my work horse for the past 3 years and all is fine but I need this 2nd new computer with License for additional work that's come my way. I have a large amount of work and deadlines that need to be met. 

Can someone please help me, it should not be this way. I have an Articulate On-Line account also for proofing and I'm not able to publish to that either.





Richard Michna


The first thing that come to mind is where are you saving your files? I have found it that Studio works best when the files I am working are saved to my local hard drive.

I have found working from a network drive or cloud storage can cause problems.


Richard Michna

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gordon! 

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. Are you having difficulty with just one project or across projects? If you are having general issues, I would advise the repair I shared above. If just one file, perhaps you have some corruption that could be corrected by utilizing a new file and importing those slides.

Gordon MacPherson

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Hi Richard and thank you for the follow-up.
I'm presently using the C-Drive because the External Drive has not shown up yet.
On my SONY VAIO I use an external 1Tb Passport type drive and all works well.
I have only 2 PPT projects on this new Desktop and 1 did Publish fine but only once. 
I just updated the latest version of Studio this morning and now having a problem connecting to the Registration Server, not going well today
I need to bring in a new project and try that to get some basis for my issue.

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