PowerPoint Articualte presenter

Jan 09, 2024

Hello, when I am trying to create a slide in PowerPoint for Rise 360. Once I select the Articulate tab and then any of the icons such as Photos, Icons, etc., I get an error stating: Online presentations aren't supported. Save a copy to your local drive to continue. 

I have saved to my local drive. Any tips on getting this? Thank you!

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Michael,

Happy to help!

Would you mind sending a screenshot of the directory or file path where you have your PowerPoint presentations saved so we can check why you're getting the prompt in the screenshot? 

In similar cases that I've handled before, this issue was happening because the directory/folder where the files were being saved was getting synced to an online location by a third-party application. Try moving your file to a directory that isn't getting synced to an online location if this is the case for you, and let me know if the issue is resolved!