Powerpoint slides don't play correctly when published


I've created some slides in PowerPoint which work as I want them to, however when I preview or publish them the text boxes seem to increase in size detracting from the design.

I'm using Articulate Studio 13. A copy of the presentation is attached.

Can anyone help please?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are experiencing.

I took a look at your file and I'm not seeing any unexpected sizing changes in your file when previewing:

Here's my published output as well. Are you seeing the same issue when viewing my published output? If so, please be sure to let me know what browser you're viewing the content in.

It sounds like you may be seeing something different. Would you be able to share a screencast of the behavior you are experiencing?

Ellen Rose

Hi Leslie

Thanks for your response.  This is really odd, I've added a video of what I see on preview and published version is the same.  When viewing your published output in Chrome it doesn't play correctly but doesn't replicate the errors I have either! Chrome output attached, it does however view as it should in Internet Explorer.

I'm totally baffled.

Thanks Ellen

Ellen Rose

I think I've sorted it.  I recreated the slides in a new presentation, output worked as expected.  I copied the slides into my existing presentation and the error occurred again!  So, in the end I've copied all of the slides from the original presentation into the new one and it seems to be working as expected.  I can only think that my original presentation was corrupt.  Thanks for taking the time to look at this though.