PPT with Audio

Feb 22, 2023

Hi guys, 

I import a ppt with audio in Presenter. The audio cannot play when I preview the project, but it can play when I click Narration. Do I miss something? (attached : Sales Orientation ...PPT)

Besides, I convert a pdf to ppt in order to import this file to Presenter or Storyline. Usually when I import a ppt in it, the titles I see in the menu default to the text from the title placeholders on my slides. But this time, it does not show, even though I set titles for some slides. Is there any workaround? (attached the file)

I also want to set more than one quiz slide in the ppt. But I find it's a bit different from what I can do in Storyline. I want to set 3 or 4 quiz slides in the presenter. learners can only see the result page after all quiz slides rather than getting one result page each time when they complete quiz in one slide. I might read a guideline for it but i cannot remember where it is. Is there any workaround for it? Thanks in advance

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Sherry,

Thanks for reaching out! 

I took a look at the audio issue with your PowerPoint presentations and it looks like Presenter 360 is not detecting the audio. 

It also looks like your presentations do not have .ppta files associated with them. The PPTA file is a special container created by Presenter 360 to store resources for your course, including audio clips, videos, web objects, quizzes, interactions, and more. 

As a troubleshooting step, try adding audio to your slides using Studio 360's Import Audio feature to see if this allows your audio to play when the slides are previewed.

For the text issue after importing slides into Storyline 360, would you mind sharing a screenshot of this behavior so we can take a closer look? This might have something to do with the original source file being a PDF, so I'd like to test if this is the case. 

Lastly, each quiz created in Quizmaker 360 only has a singular Result Slide. If you need to have multiple Results Slides in your course, consider designing your quizzes entirely in Storyline 360