PPT2010 and 2007, free trial and license, error messages

May 25, 2011

Hello again everyone,

I have to make some corrections on a ppta file that was created by another user (he has Office 2007 and an articulate 09 license). He gave me the ppt and ppta files and all engage and quizmaker files. However, when I click on the "Edit Engage" or "Edit Quizmaker" button, it stays inactive.

Also, when I try to re-enter an Engage or a Quizmaker file in the presentation, its not working and I receive some error messages (see attached file). What can I do?

Please note that I am working on a free trial version of Articulate and on Powerpoint 2010, although the original ppt has been created with a Articulate Licence and on Powerpoint 2007.

Thanking you in advance,

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